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Sunekos® case study

A 59 year old male ex smoker with a clear medical history appointed to clinic. He receives regular toxin treatments (3 areas) every 4 months but was becoming aware of the difference between the fresh appearance of his upper face compared to the mid – lower part of his face. Specifically, he presented with the following concerns:

1. Creping of the skin of the neck

2. Sagging of mid-lower face and neck

3. Signs of skin ageing

· Fine - severe lines and wrinkles

4. Sun damage

5. Dark circles under the eyes

During a detailed consult the following matters of interest arose and holistic self-care advise was given:

1. He lives an active healthy lifestyle being a regular gym goer with a good diet.

He was advised on the importance of staying hydrated especially after heavy work outs and the potential impact of his training regime on any treatment outcomes.

2. He is a self-confessed sun worshipper, admitting not to always wearing sunscreen and and even occasionally using sunbeds.

He was advised on the effect of sun damage (including potential skin cancers), the negative effect on treatment outcomes and advised to wear factor 50 as standard.

3. He has had cheek and nasiolabial filler in the past but did not like the way the filler felt under the skin. He commented that it felt like a worm under his skin.

Treatment solution and rationale

Given the client’s presenting aesthetic concerns, Sunekos® seemed an obvious treatment approach to provide the full face and neck solution. As with many others, the client had heard of Profhilo® but not Sunekos®. Time was spent advising the client of the advantages and disadvantages of both products with the following matters highlighted:

1. In the practitioner’s experience Profhilo is generally more suited to those with slight signs of skin ageing. In comparison, Sunekos® is more suitable for those with advanced signs

2. Profhilo® is a hyaluronic acid gel product which when injected only boosts the volume of the treated areas

3. Sunekos® is a mix of amino acids and hyaluronic acid in liquid form which focuses on the regeneration of the skin’s dermal layer by stimulating the fibroblasts in the skin’s extracellular matrix. This in turn enables the skin’s own regenerative capabilities, by encouraging new collagen and elastin production.

4. Clients appreciate and offer positive feedback about the FIRM FEEL of the skin after Sunekos® treatment

5. The addition of the amino acids in Sunekos® offers an added benefit of skin radiance that patients positively comment on

6. Neither Profhilo® or Sunekos® are the same density of a dermal filler and thus do not provide the same level of volumistation (200,000 Dalton Sunekos200 / Perfecta® vs upwards of 4,000000 Dalton rate for standard dermal filler). This said, Sunekos® comes in strengths: Sunekos200 / Perfecta® and Sunekos1200®. Sunekos200 / Perfecta®can be used over the full face and eye area and Sunekos1200® is indicated for mid – lower face and offers greater volumisation given its higher molecular weight

7. Any treatment would need a maintenance appointment after 6 months intervals

The following protocol was followed over 3 treatment sessions:

Treatment One: Sunekos200 / Perfecta®: eye area and neck. Sunekos1200®: mid–lower face

Treatment Two: Sunekos200 / Perfecta®: full face and neck area

Treatment Three: Sunekos200 / Perfecta® full face and eye area

Suggested maintenance appointment: Sunekos200 / Perfecta®: eye area and neck.

Sunekos1200®: mid – lower face


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