Nick's treatments focus on providing a natural look. His ethos is based on 'gentle refinement'. Clients appreciate his approach of starting light and allowing for adjustments, should they want them.

Botox | Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment | Fac

Nick carefully mixes up the product, which comes in a small vial of powder, with saline. Next, he marks up the precise injection sites on you, taking into account the areas that are of particular concern to you. He then takes clinical photos. After this, Nick applies plenty of numbing cream and gives it plenty of time to work. Lastly, he injects the toxin solution using fine insulin syringes. 
An optional review appointment is available 10-14 days after treatment. This allows for adjustments to be made should you wish. Those who are new to wrinkle relaxing treatments find this process particularly reassuring, as it ensures results leave you looking fresh not frozen.


Facial Treatments from £165

  • Forehead - Target horizontal lines

  • Frown Lines - Reduce vertical lines between the eyebrows

  • Eyes - Relax the eye creases (crow’s feet)

Other Treatments from £150

  • Nose, Soften ‘bunny lines’-  the lines on the bridge of the nose commonly noticed when smiling

  • Gummy smile. Show less of your gums when smiling by gently relaxing the elevation of your upper lip

  • Dimpled chin - Smooth the lines that appear between your bottom lip and the chin arch

Special Treatments from £295

  • Neck - Soften neck bands

  • Excessive underarm sweating / hyperhidrosis. A highly effective treatment for this embarrassing condition


1 area from £165

2 areas from £215

3 areas from £265

All consultations are free of charge and there is no obligation to proceed.


Due to high pressure on clinic time, a £30 holding deposit is kindly requested to guarantee your appointment.


This deposit is given back to you when you attend your appointment should you not wish to proceed to treatment, or can be put towards the cost of your treatment. This deposit may be forfeited if you fail to attend or cancel at short notice.

Botox | Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment | Facial Aesthetics | Nick Coller | London
Botox | Wrinkle Relaxing Treatments | Nick Colle



What Nick's Patients Say...

‘I am so happy after my wrinkle relaxing treatment. You have not only reduced my wrinkles but given my skin such a great look and tone. I went to see some friends at the weekend, and I got so many compliments. Looking back at the photos I can now see why.’  William Gabel
‘A gentle and caring injector. I wouldn’t trust anyone else now.’  Sian Edwards
‘Simply put, I see Nick because he is a perfectionist. I appreciate the time and attention he gives me and his availability when it comes to aftercare. What more could you want?’  Fleur Rochford