Routine Treatment

Nick’s treatments go above and beyond ‘scaling and polishing’. Every treatment is tailored to your individual needs on that day. 

Nick works with a combination of power operated and manual scalers and polishing tools (including airflow) to achieve the highest quality results at every visit. Nick listens to your requirements and adapts the tools he uses to meet your needs. Nick ensures that the treatment is as gentle as possible and offers solutions to ensure your upmost comfort. These include desensitising creams, numbing gels and lotions and virtually painfree injection techniques if requested or required.

A hygiene programme is an important part of your holistic self-care routine. Your mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body. Certain oral bacteria have been shown to play a role in other diseases such as diabetes, respiratory problems and cardiovascular disease. Luckily Nick’s treatments are aimed at lowering the bacterial level of your mouth, thus taking steps to take care of your whole body and not just your mouth.

What Nick's Patients Say...

'Nick provides excellent treatment. He is very understanding. He sees his patients as whole people, not just mouths.'  Louise Fountain 
'Outstanding hygiene treatment by Nick. Genuinely brilliant care. He makes the visit a really enjoyable experience. Highly recommended.’  Emily O’Connor