Smokers’ Hygiene

Nick has a particular interest in treating smokers and is a published author on the subject. He understands that not everyone is ready or wants to give up smoking and approaches his treatment in a non-judgemental manner. For those who do want to give up however, he can offer advice and support to help in the process. 

Smokers have an increased risk of stain, tartar build up, gum disease and even tooth loss. Nick’s follows a rigorous approach from oral health screening and examination to his treatment with both power assisted and manual scalers. He draws on his meticulous eye for detail during the treatment to remove unsightly stain, utilising Paste Pro Bioceramic Polishing Paste (his secret weapon) and airflow for a diamond finish.

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What Nick's Patients Say...

'He’s got such an eye for detail. It’s like he removes the stain that I didn’t even realise was there.'  James Barker