Orthodontic Hygiene

Braces and brackets can be hard to keep clean yourself and can quickly become stained and accumulate plaque. 

Nick has acquired a wealth of experience having worked in specialist orthodontic practice. He knows just how to effectively treat your mouth whether you have fixed brackets or clear retainer buttons. Nick recommends quarterly visits whilst you are going through orthodontic treatment, as the gaps in between your teeth change in size. 

Don’t worry, he has plenty of self-care hints and tips to keep your mouth sparkling fresh.

What Nick's Patients Say...

'Nick was so kind to our daughter when she had her braces. Most importantly he helped her understand how she could keep them clean at home. Whilst her orthodontic treatment is finished, so her own visits aren’t as frequent, our whole family are now his regular patients.'  Diana Milton



What is Nick’s Approach to Dental Hygiene?

Nick's is an exceptional Hygienist who has a proven track record as a kind and caring clinician with an exceptional eye for detail

​Nick's treatments are tailored to your specific requirements with the aim of treating and preventing gum disease. He has built a wealth of experience in periodontal disease (gum disease) treatment in NHS, private and specialist private practices from Harley Street in Central London to West Byfleet, in Surrey. He also has a special interest in Dental Hygiene treatment for patients with orthodontics.

He is a regular speaker at local schools to help children learn good oral self-care from the outset. This passion is carried through to his adult patients, with whom he spends time ensuring they are using the right products to meet their specific needs.

  • Nick cares about you not just your mouth.
  • Nick is an exceptional listener who cares for people and their problems.
  • Nick’s treatments go above and beyond ‘scaling and polishing’. Every treatment is tailored to your individual needs on that day. As your needs change over time so does his treatment approach.
  • Nick’s approach is perfectly suited to phobic patients giving them the chance to start off gently and build up their confidence in the chair over a number of sessions
  • Nick is an exceptional communicator who takes the time to explain his treatments and patient self-care.
  • Nick is a perfectionist with a formidable eye for detail

Nick’s approach is preventative; aiming not only to treat periodontal issues but to stop their return.

  • Nick regularly receives hygiene referrals from outside gum specialists (periodontists) to maintain their patients’ oral hygiene.
  • Nick has a wealth of experience in diverse areas of dental hygiene such as implant care and orthodontics.
  • Nick is constantly updating his knowledge and skills to ensure he is top of his game.

What is a Dental Hygienist?

Dental hygienists are the members of the dental team who focus specifically on your gum health. Hygienists do so much more than simply provide a “scale and polish”. They provide gum treatment to both prevent and treat gum disease and improve the aesthetics of your mouth. You don’t need to see a dentist in order to see a hygienist. This makes it easy to access a hygienist’s care and makes it even easier to fit in a hygiene treatment when it suits you best.

Some dental hygienists (including Nick) are dual qualified as dental therapists. Dental therapists perform routine restorations (fillings) in adults and children. They are particularly adept at children’s dentistry including extractions.

What are the benefits to visiting a Dental Hygienist?

  1. Prevention of bleeding gums. Bleeding gums or spitting out blood when you brush are signs of gum inflammation (and can be an early sign of gum disease). In most cases the bleeding is totally reversible. Nick stops the bleeding by removing hard and soft deposits (tartar and plaque) at the gum line and between the teeth. Always up to date with the latest product knowledge, Nick will show you how to prevent the bleeding coming back with a personalised oral care regime.

  2. Treatment of gum disease. In more advanced cases of gum disease, the gums can become painful and sore, teeth can become mobile and infections can occur. Nick helps treat these issues by means of careful deep cleaning with a range of products, techniques and methods to ensure treatment is as comfortable as possible.

  3. Treatment and access of hard to reach areas. No matter how well you brush and clean in between your teeth, there will just always be some areas that are hard to reach and require extra attention to stop tartar and plaque building up. For this reason, even hygienists need to visit a hygienist from time to time!

  4. Prevention of bad breath. The same bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay release odours that can lead to bad breath. Again, removal of the tartar and plaque deposits further helps to eliminate this.

  5. Stain removal. Nick uses a combination of dental polish and airflow (jetwash) to remove stains that accumulate on the teeth from such things as food, drink and smoking. Not only does this make the teeth look great but they feel great too. There is nothing like that ‘just cleaned’ feeling.

  6. Detection of dental and oral issues. Visiting Nick is no substitute for a dental check-up but nonetheless when working in your mouth, Nick is ideally placed to notice such things as early decay, lumps and swelling and chipped or failing fillings that you yourself might not have been aware of.

  7. Disease prevention. Oral bacteria have been proved to exacerbate such issues as heart disease and diabetes. Regular hygiene treatments therefore form part of your holistic self-care routine.