Maintenance Phase Treatment

Gum disease is a lifelong condition, managed with excellent patient self-care and regular treatment interventions. Maintenance phase treatment ensures that your gum condition remains as stable as possible in the long term. This phase of treatment is similar but more extensive than routine treatment and always tailored to your individual needs.

The fact that you have needed deep cleaning in the first place highlights your susceptibility to the disease. It is therefore understandable that maintenance visits occur more regularly in the first year after treatment (every quarter) so that if more deep cleaning or a specialist referral is required, that this can be dealt with in a swift and timely fashion.

What Nick's Patients Say...

'I saw Nick when my gums weren’t in great shape and had a course of deep cleaning. He was the first person who showed me how to use the products he was advising or why using them was so important. I’m happy to say things have got better but I still come in regularly to make sure things stay that way.'   Jonathan Nichols